Blog 58 – Using Your IBC Policy To Supplement Your Income

As you continue to make contributions to your IBC policy, the time element kicks off and suddenly you see your cash value increase by a larger and larger amount. After covering your emergency fund with six to twenty-four months of your expenses, you start accumulating funds for opportunities by guaranteeing access to credit. As Nelson Nash used to say, “when cash is available, opportunities will seek you out.”

For those of you who are more business savvy, you could leverage the cash in your policy to invest in passive income generating assets and simultaneously use that passive income to repay your loans and acquire new banking policies. The opportunities are really infinite, only limited by your imagination.

For those of you of a more conservative nature, you might arrive at a point of your life where you prefer to supplement your income from your investment accounts and from your IBC policies. You should start by withdrawing funds from your investment accounts. In any year in which your investment account loses market value, the following year you don’t withdraw funds from that account but instead you withdraw funds from your IBC policy. This way you give time to your investment account to recover and avoid the double whammy of market losses and withdrawals.

Notice that if your investment account is from a qualified retirement plan and you are older than 70-1/2, you are forced to take your required minimum withdrawals and need to tweak the process explained above.

Remember, we are always available to advise you on the best way to utilize your IBC policy.

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