Blog 60 – Use Infinite Banking To Create Sustainable Wealth

The Money TreeThe Infinite Banking Concept is a process in which you accumulate cash value in a properly-designed whole life insurance policy. This cash value is used as an emergency/opportunity fund.

For some kind of clients of more conservative nature and not inclined to invest in other assets, an Infinite Banking policy allows them to use their cash values in helping them finance a new car, a college education for their children, or obtain a tax-free retirement income.

For other kind of clients inclined to invest in other assets, they can leverage their cash values into assets that create cash flows. When those cash flows cover many times your monthly or annual expenses, you are really wealthy.

Remember, at any time, your cash values are doing double duty: they allow you to leverage them into other assets and at the same time they continue to earn interest and dividends for you.

What assets should you invest in? The most important asset is you, and you should invest in yourself as much as possible. By improving the quality and quantity of the assets that you generate in your job or profession, you are improving your financial wellbeing.

Other investable assets include any type of business or assets that you know quite well and are comfortable with. These may include rental properties or bridge loans.

In order to create wealth in the manner explained above, you don’t necessarily need to borrow from your Infinite Banking policy. You can borrow from the most economically available source. Then, if you go through some financial hard times, you can borrow the money from the life insurance company and repay what you owe the other source.

Infinite Banking provides you with financial peace of mind, and although it does not guarantee that you would obtain sustainable wealth, if you have the necessary patience and discipline, it increases your chances substantially.

We are always available to advise you on the best way to utilize your IBC policy.

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