Blog 71 – Don’t Delay Implementing IBC

We have been Financial Professionals for 26 years, and during the last 12 years, we have dedicated exclusively to the design of high cash value dividend-paying whole life insurance policies, also known as Infinite Banking policies. We have shared a substantial amount of Personalized Solutions during that period of time, and something that baffles us is that some prospects like very much what they see, but nevertheless, it takes them an unusual amount of time to jump into implementing the concept.

The majority of the prospects that take a while to implement the Infinite Banking concept have a substantial amount of liquid assets, but they intend, most of the time, to use those liquid assets to invest in real estate rental properties or other business investments. In cases where they consider it a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, we recommend that they go ahead with the opportunity and they earmark a smaller amount toward the implementation of an IBC policy. Everybody should understand that all IBC policies, like any new business, have a capitalization period of a few years during which the cash values in your policy are lower than the total premiums paid into the policy. In other words, if you need access to every dollar you put into your premium to an IBC policy from the very beginning, perhaps you should consider other sources of income to fund your IBC policy.

Other IBC prospects have a scarcity mindset, and these prospects are always concerned that if their disposable income is temporarily reduced, they would have a hard time paying their IBC premiums. In those cases, we show them the tremendous flexibility of IBC premiums in which they are only committed to pay for the base policy, and the payments earmarked towards Paid-Up Additions can be temporarily reduced or discontinued, or even in some cases in which premiums have been paid for several years, they can convert their policies to Paid-Up and stop payments altogether.

The last type of prospects that delay in making a decision are those perpetual students that do not want to move toward implementation unless they know everything. We try to clarify all questions to these group of prospects and make them aware of the concept of opportunity cost. Delaying the implementation of IBC has a definite cost to them.


Remember, we are always available to advise you on the best way to utilize your IBC policy.

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