Blog 87 – “Becoming Your Own Banker”

If you purchase an Infinite Banking policy to create sustainable wealth, you must think and act all the time as a banker to obtain optimal results. The best way to reach that state is to read and reread Nelson Nash’s “Becoming Your Own Banker”. As Nelson explains on page 4 of his book, “The Infinite Banking Concept is a major paradigm shift for most folks. It will require several thorough readings for a full understanding of its message. The concept is not complicated, it is just different from the way the majority thinks and behaves. In fact, it is the ultimate in simplicity.” Isis and I have read that book more than fifty times, and every new reading bring to us a new perspective that for some reason we had not thought of before.

During every step of the process of implementing your Infinite Banking policy, ask yourself how a banker would proceed under your circumstances, and then do exactly what the banker would do. As Nelson Nash further explains in his book, the Infinite Banking Concept is an exercise in imagination, reason, logic, and prophecy, and according to Nelson, there are only five fast rules: 

  • “Think long range, at least three generations”: design and use your Infinite Banking policy or system of policies in such a way that your children and your children’s children will also control 100% of the banking function. Be sure that your children understand how to control 100% of the banking function and that they can properly explain it to their children. 
  • “Don’t be afraid to capitalize”: be sure that you properly fund your policy. Contribute at least 10% of your gross family income when you are young (in your twenties) and increase that percentage as you grow older and your gross family income increases. You need to store your money somewhere, so, why not in your Infinite Banking policies where it is guaranteed to grow and where you have maximum control and access to it?
  • “Don’t steal the peas”: be sure you repay your policy loans, and that you are as aware of your cost of capital as a traditional bank makes you aware of their cost of capital. Be, whenever possible, 100% in control of the banking function.
  • “Don’t do business with banks”: whenever possible, try to control 100% of the banking function since traditional banks impose their rules and regulations on you. They interpret the Golden Rule as they who control the gold makes the rules, and they figure out that they control the gold. 
  • “Rethink your thinking”: rethink every new situation you face to come to the right conclusions. As Albert Einstein once stated: ”imagination is more important than knowledge”.

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