2020 May BankNotes

The latest report on new unemployment claims was abysmal, coming in at 4.4
million last week, some 100,000 more than surveyed economists had expected.
The continuous claims came in at just under 16 million, an all-time record.
Mainstream labor economists estimate that, all things considered, the actual
unemployment rate now (which is only officially reported with a lag) is above
20 percent—a rate not seen since the darkest days of the Great Depression.
Indeed, all of the job gains since the Great Recession have been wiped out in
just a matter of weeks.

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2020 April BankNotes

“This is R. Nelson Nash” in His Own Words
The following was put together in January 2018 by R. Nelson Nash for the
2018 IBC Think Tank Conference. I thought it appropriate to share on the
anniversary of Nelson’s passing (27 March, 2019). — David Stearns
A person’s thoughts over a period of time ultimately results in a set of core
beliefs—a mindset—some call it a worldview—that controls human action
and gives life meaning and purpose.

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2020 March BankNotes

Norman Vincent Peale’s Timeless Advice: Take Charge of Your Own Life, First

Dr. Norman Vincent Peale’s ideas are especially important today, when envy
and jealousy seem to permeate much of our politics.

by Lawrence W. Read

The more jealousy one has in his nature, the more critical he is of those who have accomplished things. If you are critical and mouthing negativisms it could be that your own failures are caused by a mixed-up, hate filled mind.

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2020 February BankNotes

On March 27, 2019 — not two months after that year’s Think Tank — Nelson graduated (Passed Away). Things didn’t feel the same this time as we shuttled downtown late Tuesday morning. Though attendance this year would be the greatest in eight years, this one man’s absence was obvious and painful.

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2020 January BankNotes

As in the grocery business that we discussed earlier, you must first study the banking business so that you have a firm grip on what it is all about and feel that you can run such a business. Without this confidence you are fighting a losing battle. This, too, is a very competitive business.

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