Blog 91 – What Does It Take To Implement The Infinite Banking Concept Successfully?

We get the following question quite often from prospects: What does it take to implement the Infinite Banking Concept (IBC) successfully?

Blog 90 – Infinite Banking And High Inflation

With financial news reporting higher inflation due to our over-inflated government and too much money being printed, it is understandable that many people are seeking ways to personally combat the effects of inflation on their lives.  

Blog 89 – Dividends In IBC Policies

An IBC policy is a dividend-paying whole life insurance that you obtain through a mutual company, rather than a stock company. Mutual life insurance companies share their profits with participating policyowners via dividends.

Blog 88 – Effect Of Higher Interest Rates On Non-Direct Recognition Contracts

Direct recognition versus non-direct recognition is more a game of smoke and mirrors used by insurance companies and marketing organizations themselves to keep your focus away from what is important.

Blog 87 – “Becoming Your Own Banker”

If you purchase an Infinite Banking policy to create sustainable wealth, you must think and act all the time as a banker to obtain optimal results. The best way to reach that state is to read and reread Nelson Nash’s “Becoming Your Own Banker”.

Blog 86 – Implement Infinite Banking Now

The Infinite Banking Concept is an excellent cash flow management strategy, and this strategy is implemented through the design of a high cash value whole life insurance policy from a top-ranked mutual life insurance company. Why is it an excellent cash flow management strategy? Well, it provides you with a safe and secure place to store your money, while keeping maximum liquidity, access, and control.

Blog 85 – The Importance Of Unscheduled PUAs

Most of the IBC policies that we design have two types of PUA riders: scheduled PUAs that are included in the annual or monthly premium that is paid, and unscheduled PUAs that vary annually by policy year from $0 to the difference between the 7-pay premium or MEC limit for the policy and the total annual premium for the base whole life policy and the scheduled PUAs.
The best way to increase the cash value efficiency of your IBC policy and therefore, increase your wealth is to contribute as much as possible in unscheduled PUAs every single policy year. For that, you can use additional disposable income, bonuses, and other windfalls.

Blog 84 – New Whole Life Insurance Versus Old Whole Life Insurance

The new whole life insurance products have lower guaranteed interest rates, which makes the spread between the guaranteed interest and the dividend rate much larger and since in most cases dividends are reinvested into the polices to buy more PUAs, the policies, long term have more cash value and give the client more money in retirement. The life insurance industry is in good financial strength, and we have now seen evidence that it continues to innovate and deliver excellent whole life products. 

Blog 83 – The Financial Strength Of Life Insurance Companies

In 2020, life insurance companies had a huge expense that far exceeded their expectations. It was a sharp increase of 15.4% in death benefit claims. This was the largest annual increase the industry has experienced over the last 100 years when we were affected by another pandemic.

Interesting Facts About Christmas 2021

Since we had such a great response to our Thanksgiving blog where we talked about its beginnings and the reason to give thanks, we thought we would bring you interesting Christmas Facts. Let’s get started:

Blog 82 – Wealth Through Infinite Banking

The Infinite Banking Concept is an excellent cash flow management strategy that is implemented through the design of a high cash value whole life insurance policy from a top-ranked mutual life insurance company.
To successfully implement Infinite Banking, it requires patience, discipline, and long-range planning. An Infinite Banking policy needs a capitalization period of four to seven years after which the policy becomes more efficient every year, where efficiency is measured by the ability to generate cash values.

Blog 81 -Thanksgiving And The Spirit Of Gratitude

Neither Isis, nor I were born in the USA. Isis came to the U.S. as a young child and I as a young adult both fleeing Communist Cuba to legally come to the USA in search of freedom. We both learned very quickly what Thanksgiving and the spirit of gratitude really meant. For Isis back then, it meant being grateful to the nuns that took her in and cared for her while she waited for her parents to come from Cuba. For me, it meant being grateful to a school that opened its doors to me and gave me an Ivy League education.

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