2024 June BankNotes

What lies behind all of this rampant corruption and impish display on
the part of so many financial elites. This is the question all concerned citizens are asking and many answers are pouring forth from the media to help us sort this out. But, at the end of the day, are we sure we really know who or what is at fault? Are we pointing our finger at the real source of the problem?

2024 April BankNotes

One of the most compelling ways financial professionals explain the IBC concept is to compare it to one’s own private bank as Nelson Nash has done in his national best selling book, Become Your Own Banker.

2024 May BankNotes

Former Dallas Federal Reserve President, Richard Fisher, publicly dressed down President Trump in a recent interview with CNBC in response to Trump’s remark that he’s “not thrilled” about the Fed’s interest rate hikes. Obviously, Trump’s comment upset Fisher quite a bit and he told CNBC that
by making that comment “Trump is out of line.

2024 March BankNotes

It was our largest Think Tank event to date with over 280 people in attendance. This was a milestone event in many ways aside from attendance. We recognized our council members with Nelson Nash Leadership Awards and presented certificates to 38 IBC Practitioner course graduates.

2024 February BankNotes

Nothing in recent years has convinced me more of this fact than attempting to explain the Infinite Banking Concept (IBC) to others. When I consider the number of years it took me to finally understand it, I wonder if its simplicity is not perhaps the real source of its difficulty.

2024 January BankNotes

A Business Credit survey1 conducted and published in March 2016 by
the Federal Reserve Banks of New York, Atlanta, Boston, Cleveland,
Philadelphia, Richmond, and St. Louis reports that “cash flow” is
the number one problem facing small businesses with fewer than
500 employees.

2023 October BankNotes

Also relevant to this article is this perspective. According to the Tax Policy Center roughly 80 percent (of revenue for the federal government) comes from the individual income tax and the payroll taxes that fund the social insurance programs.

2023 September BankNotes

—Adam Smith, An Inquiry into the Nature & Causes
of the Wealth of Nations. Volume I, 17591
Within this quote by Adam Smith resides the
fundamental premise for the creation of the IBC
Practitioner Program for financial professionals.

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