Lara-Murphy Report

2019 March Lara-Murphy Report

I like to be precise with my terminology, and so for example I draw a distinction between being smart (knowing a lot of facts) versus intelligent (having a powerful mind). In the same vein, I do not throw around the term genius lightly.

Someone could be very smart and very intelligent, but to be a genius you have to be a creative inventor. You have to produce new ideas and frameworks, which others will then argue over and refine.

The recently deceased R. Nelson Nash was smart and intelligent, but he was also a creative genius. He looked at dividend-paying whole life policies, and in particular their standard feature of policy loans, and realized, “That’s not merely an asset that provides a death benefit. It’s also a cashflow-management device that allows you to free yourself from bondage to commercial bankers.”

Where others saw merely protection, Nelson saw a way to become your own banker.

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