Direct Recognition vs. Non-Direct Recognition

Blog #48 – Questions To Ask BEFORE You Apply For Life Insurance

Questions To Ask BEFORE You Apply For Life Insurance
Nobody wants “buyer’s remorse” when it comes to something as important as life insurance! And yet, we hear it all the time… policy owners who wish they knew what they know now before they bought their policy!
Today we’ll give you some questions to consider early in the process. (There are also questions to consider later, such as specific riders, amount of insurance, beneficiaries, but first things first.) There are important questions you may not know to ask, and additionally, there are the questions that everyone asks that may be less important than you think!

Blog #47 – The Myth of Direct vs Non-Direct Recognition

Although you might be disappointed, the truth is that one method is not necessarily superior to the other. Direct recognition versus non-direct recognition is more a game of smoke and mirrors used by the insurance companies themselves to keep your focus away from what is really important. In fact, there are good and bad insurance contracts in both direct and non-direct recognition insurance companies.

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