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Blog 112 – Policy Loans Or Withdrawals?

A lot of IBC clients ask us if they should take a policy loan or a withdrawal when they need cash from their policies.

Blog 111 – Creating Sustainable Wealth Without Risk

Successful implementation of IBC requires patience, discipline and long-range planning as IBC is not a “get-rich-quick” scheme and it is not for the person who is always looking for instant gratification. By all means, spouse an abundance mindset and avoid a scarcity mindset.
Read “Becoming Your Own Banker” several times with an open mind as well as “The Case For IBC” and “Building Your Warehouse of Wealth”, authored or co-authored by Nelson Nash.

2024 March BankNotes

It was our largest Think Tank event to date with over 280 people in attendance. This was a milestone event in many ways aside from attendance. We recognized our council members with Nelson Nash Leadership Awards and presented certificates to 38 IBC Practitioner course graduates.

Blog 109 – An Infinite Banking Tax Strategy

This is not about “finding a tax loophole.” Rather, we are pointing out one option that people with large cashflows — such as business owners who annually make a large payment to the IRS

2024 February BankNotes

Nothing in recent years has convinced me more of this fact than attempting to explain the Infinite Banking Concept (IBC) to others. When I consider the number of years it took me to finally understand it, I wonder if its simplicity is not perhaps the real source of its difficulty.

Blog 108 – Infinite Banking Policies Versus Qualified Plans

Control of your money: When you contribute to a qualified plan, the government, the retirement plan administrator and/or the employer, determines what you can invest in, how much you can invest depending on your age and/or income, when you can withdraw it, and what taxes and fees you’ll pay for withdrawing earlier. Of course, the government can and does change the rules!

When you contribute to an IBC policy, you and only you, are in control of your money. You determine how much to contribute to your policy, limited only by its design, and you determine when and how much you can withdraw or borrow from your policy. The insurance company that issues your IBC policy cannot change these rules!

Blog 106 – The Ins And Outs Of Policy Loans 

When you take a policy loan, the money does not come from the cash value of your Infinite Banking Concept (IBC) policy, but from the general account of the insurance company, and your cash value remains in your policy earning interest and dividends.

2023 October BankNotes

Also relevant to this article is this perspective. According to the Tax Policy Center roughly 80 percent (of revenue for the federal government) comes from the individual income tax and the payroll taxes that fund the social insurance programs.

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