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Blog 73 – Short-Term Versus Long-Term Cash Values In IBC Policies.

Why do the premiums paid exceed the cash value during these first years? Well, it is due to the initial costs of setting up the death benefit and the compensation paid to the financial professional who designs, sells, and will service the policy for years to come. This is what Nelson Nash calls “the capitalization phase of the policy”. Insurance companies call this initial cost, acquisition cost.

Blog 69 – Is Social Security Income Taxable?

Blog 69 – Is Social Security Income Taxable?
According to the Social Security website, some of you have to pay federal income taxes on your Social Security benefits.

2020 April Lara-Murphy Report

Major Firms Less Liquid Than a Responsible Household
Standard financial planning recommends that a typical middle-class (or wealthier) household have at least 6 months’ worth of expenses available in very liquid funds (“cash in the bank”), to handle a sudden job loss, injury, or illness. And yet, when the coronavirus crisis struck, we saw not only small businesses but even many major firms brought to their knees because they couldn’t handle even a temporary interruption in their revenue streams.

Blog 58 – Using Your IBC Policy To Supplement Your Income

You should start by withdrawing funds from your investment accounts. In any year in which your investment account loses market value, the following year you don’t withdraw funds from that account but instead you withdraw funds from your IBC policy.

Blog 55 – Infinite Ways To Use Infinite Banking Policies

When we meet with clients and potential clients via phone, Zoom meetings, or in person, we always ask how they plan to use their IBC policies and most times they ask for recommendations based on their specific situation.

We always recommend that the cash value be divided into two funds: the emergency fund and the opportunity fund.

Blog 50 – Use The Same Money For Both College Education And Retirement

After many years of designing Infinite Banking policies, the number one concern of most of our clients is how they can assist their children with their college education without affecting the retirement plans for themselves. As you already know, the advantage of Infinite Banking policies is the fact that you can reuse the cash value … Read more

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