Term Life Insurance

Blog 68 – The Term Rider Of An IBC Policy

One of the key pieces of information that a prospective client shares with us is the monthly or annual contribution that he/she would like to make to his/her Infinite Banking Concept (IBC) policy.

Once we know the original contribution to the policy, including the modal premium, (annually or monthly), and the age, gender, and the underwriting rating of the insured, we determine the minimum amount of death benefit necessary to make sure that the policy does not violate the Modified Endowment Contract (MEC) regulations.

Blog 62 – Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Paid-Up Additions – Part 1

In this blog we are going to concentrate in the definition of paid-up additions and in future blogs we will be going deeper into the types of paid-up additions riders and how to use them to maximize the cash values of your whole life policies.

Paid-up additions are mini paid-up whole life policies that attach to your base whole life policy. They have a death benefit and a cash value and as its name implies, they require just one single premium payment and they are forever paid-up. In other words, you keep the death benefit of the paid-up additions and its cash value without ever paying any additional premiums.

2019 August BankNotes

Back in the September 2012 issue of the Lara-Murphy Report, I tackled an older blog post by financial guru Dave Ramsey where he strongly attacked the idea of using permanent life insurance as a savings vehicle.1

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