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Kind words from previous clients. 

Carmen and Sal R.
Miami, Florida, Risk-Free Retirement / Banking Policy June 6

I wanted to say thank you for all that you have done to help Carmen and I visualize our retirement through the use of our banking policies. As business owners, we have always wondered how can we retire and still maintain our lifestyle. I’ve seen firsthand what can happen when you do not plan correctly. I was one of those that thought what I was doing before was the best thing, then I meet you and wow, you really opened my eyes to how I can use the money that is in my policy, and still have it grow quickly and consistently. Best of all, there is no risk. I’ve seen that when the economy went down, my money continued its upward path. We cannot thank you enough. We know that our retirement is secure and we could not be happier.

Maikel C.
Hialeah, Florida, Life Insurance / Infinite Banking March 28

The “infinite banking” philosophy is hard to understand at first, because we have always been taught conventional financial systems already in place that promise but don’t deliver at the end, and we tend to follow the crowds. The policy that Pedro and Isis custom-made for my budget, financial needs and future plans, has helped me secure a better future for retirement. The basic concept of “infinite banking” has its focus on growth, financial independence and security against market loses, all of this based on a 160-year old product: whole life insurance. Great system that banks and Wall Street don’t want you to know about.

Dr. Sandra A.
Miami, Florida, Retirement Strategy January 15

As we were searching for a better way to improve our investment strategy for retirement, we encountered the Infinite Banking concept. In 2012, we met Dr. Pedro Palicio and Isis Palicio who coached us with their expertise in this concept and purchased our first policy. The best part of this strategy is that you see a steady growth of your money. If used properly, it allows you to use it and pay yourself back as you see fit. During our policy review with Dr. Palicio, we encountered money that was not yielding any profit. Based on the steady growth and flexibility of the first policy, we purchased additional policies for the children to provide consistent growth of the money for their college tuition or even retirement. We recommend it to our family and friends.

Elan G.
Potomac, Maryland - Maximizing The Use Of My Banking Policy, The life insurance policy November 21

The life insurance policy that I bought from you has been my best investment to date. I look forward to continuing to use your expertise when handling policy loans and other financial goals that come up.

Sally R.
Boynton Beach, Florida, Save Money for Retirement June 11

My husband and I were looking for a way to save for our retirement. With this program, we are saving and have our money accessible when we need it. Pedro and Isis are great and always available to answer our questions and offer guidance along the way. This plan is just what we needed. I would recommend this program and Pedro and Isis’ expertise to anyone!

Ivette and Ricardo Z.
Sanford, Florida, Risk-Free Retirement Income / Whole Life Insurance Policy May 6

I thought my husband and I were doing all the right things in setting our goals for our retirement. We had mutual fund accounts, IRAs, and a 401 (k), but after all this planning, we were not able to retire at a specific age with a specific amount of money. This was a concern to us and we were determined to find a better way. The policy that Pedro Palicio designed for us provided us with a specific age and amount we could retire, depending on what we wanted to do. This program will work for anyone who uses it correctly. We love it.

Chris F.
Pace, Florida, Infinite Banking Policy January 27

You can’t go wrong with an Infinite Banking Policy. We’ve had our policy for about a year now and the cash value has grown just as it was explained. Pedro and Isis have been great with their guidance and assistance and thanks to them and the Infinite Banking Concept, we are optimistic about our family’s future! Thanks, Pedro.

Jared W.
Pace, Florida, Whole Life Insurance using Infinite Banking Concepts November 19

I’ve been practicing the Infinite Banking Concept since 2005 and my wife and I have used our policies for cars, a boat, and an engagement ring. We were using two of the best mutual life insurance companies. Pedro and Isis opened my eyes to realize that a different company actually provided more cash value and thereby greater use of funds while our family continues to grow. Pedro and Isis helped me to design a policy for our newborn son that will continue to grow tax-free until my son is ready to use the funds for college, housing, or anything that he may need.

Amy S.
Margate, Florida, Retirement Income through Banking Policy October 15

My banking policy allows me to save for my future and create additional income for my retirement. Now I don’t have to choose between letting my money rot in a bank or gambling on Wall Street. Pedro helped me design a policy that works with my financial situation. Now I’m able to save and grow my money with ease and confidence. Pedro has always been available to answer any questions or just to remind me of the many benefits of having a banking policy.

Dr. and Mrs. Junior F.
Miami, Florida, Saving Strategy / Banking Policy August 3

My family is secure in the knowledge that our funds are backed by a proven 160-year-old strategy. The banking policies that Pedro and Isis Palicio designed for us helped us purchase two new family vehicles. We’re paying ourselves back and continue to see our policies grow. We are also planning on using our policies for future Real Estate ventures and college for our two daughters. Thanks to you both.

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