What You Can Expect From Us

  • We highly respect the privacy of our prospects and clients, and we provide them with financial advisory services of the highest quality, based on our basic tenets of experience, trust, integrity, and objectivity.
  • We are always available to address your thoughts, ideas, questions, and concerns.
  • We only offer products from highly ranked mutual life insurance companies.
  • We design your Infinite Banking policies as required by the Nelson Nash Institute.
  • Our exceptional ability to explain complex concepts in simple terms allows us to educate, coach, and serve our clients, and hence our website, www.InfiniteBankingSimplified.com. We coach you in how to utilize your banking policies to continuously increase your wealth. One of us has been a guest speaker at the IBC Practitioner’s Think Tank Symposium.
  • There are many financial professionals that will tell you that they understand the Infinite Banking Concept. Be leery of this and be sure to do your due diligence. Not everyone can design and implement a properly structured Infinite Banking policy. We have completed and excelled at the highest level of training available in the industry for Infinite Banking Practitioners. We continue to master new and upcoming applications of the Infinite Banking Concept.
  • If you own “banking policies” that you suspect are not operating as they should, we will be glad to review them and advise you at no cost. We have helped many people in this area.
  • If you own any type of cash value life insurance policy that you would like to review to see if it can be converted to a banking policy, we would advise you at no cost.

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