November 2018 BankNotes

Individuals who own one or several dividend-paying Whole Life insurance
policies that are designed in the special way advocated by Nelson Nash’s
Infinite Banking Concept (IBC) are often faced with a perplexing question
and a decision they must make whenever the need arises to purchase or pay
for something.

October 2018 BankNotes

Earlier in this series of articles I wrote a little bit about Social Security. But,
it kept haunting me that there is much more that needs to be revealed about
this unbelievable con game. And so, I offer just a few additional facts about it
and my observations of human financial behavior because of it.

September 2018 BankNotes

In the May 2017 issue of the LMR, I wrote the first part of this series. I
began to tackle a common objection that Carlos and I get, when we talk
to crowds familiar with Austrian economics. (Notice the quotation marks
around the title of the article: These words are coming from the public, not
from me.) Specifically, people wondered how Carlos and I could be in
favor of the Infinite Banking Concept (IBC), after we had systematically
explained that the Federal Reserve’s actions since 2008 had set the U.S.
economy up for another crash, and also threatened the U.S. dollar. In such an
environment, why in the world would somebody want to load up on a dollardenominated
asset like life insurance?

August 2018 BankNotes

My business partner and coauthor Carlos Lara and I have been warning since the financial crisis of 2008 that the Federal Reserve’s response has merely set us up for another crash. In September 2016 we released a video entitled, “How to Weather the Coming Financial Storms” which outlined our prognosis, and gave strategies for business owners and households to protect themselves. (You can still view the video from our main landing page at: http://laramurphy.

July 2018 BankNotes

A common method of showing the public the power of Nelson Nash’s
Infinite Banking Concept” (IBC) is to stress its feature of “constant
compounding.” In contrast to many other asset classes, dividend-paying
Whole Life insurance always increases in value. Indeed, some proponents of
IBC enthusiastically declare: “There’s nothing else like it!”

June 2018 BankNotes

The World Population Clock1 is currently registering 7.6 billion people on the planet. Among those 7.6 billion people, Forbes2 has identified only 2,208 individuals who are billionaires from 72 different countries. Based on this information our chances of ever becoming a billionaire are pretty slim — somewhere around 0.00002%.

May 2018 BankNotes

The Hope of Victory: By Bob Murphy
May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit. (Romans 15:13, NIV)

April 2018 BankNotes

Several years ago, I was conducting an Infinite Banking Concept Seminar
in Western Colorado. The sponsor of the event assembled his audience and
said. “The Infinite Banking Concept is all about how you think. It’s all about
how you think. It’s about how you think!”—and then he introduced me. It
was such an effective—and truthful—way to start the seminar that I adopted
the phrase in all speaking events and it is expressed—or implied—in all
writing that I do.

March 2018 BankNotes

Something To Ponder: By R. Nelson Nash

February 2018 BankNotes Part 2

How Teaching Interferes with Learning: By Peter Gray, Ph.D.

February 2018 BankNotes Part 1

The Liquidity of the Life Insurance Industry: By L. Carlos Lara

January 2018 BankNotes

Why Do We Use Money?

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