September 2017 BankNotes

August 2017 BankNotes

An IBC Tax Strategy Part I by L. Carlos Lara

July 2017 BankNotes

The Distinct Difference of IBC Practitioners by L. Carlos Lara

June 2017 BankNotes

How Safe Are Insurance Companies? by L. Carlos Lara

May 2017 BankNotes

Why Evaluating Life Insurer Financial Strength is Important by L. Carlos Lara

April 2017 BankNotes

How Mutual Insurance Holding Companies Really Work Part II -Inside The Closed Block by L. Carlos Lara

March 2017 BankNotes

Own Your Debt by Robert P. Murphy

February 2017 BankNotes

How Mutual Insurance Holding Companies Really Work by L.Carlos Lara

January 2017 BankNotes

IBC Is Not A Gimmick by L. Carlos Lara

December 2016 BankNotes

Why Does Propaganda Work? There’s a principle in hypnotism that goes like this: A person cannot be hypnotized against his will. He must be a willing subject. He must be fully cooperative

November 2016 BankNotes

One of the most widely accepted propositions among political economistsisthe following: Every monopoly is bad from the viewpoint of consumers. Monopoly is understood in its classical sense to be an exclusive privilege granted to a single producer of a commodity or service, i.e.,

October 2016 BankNotes

There is No Such Thing as Trickle-Down Economics. Critics of liberalism and the market economy have made a long-standing habit of inventing terms we would never use to describe ourselves.The most common of these is “neo-liberal” or “neo-liberalism,” which appears to mean whatever the critics wish it to mean to describe ideas they don’t like

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