Financial Independence

Blog #9 – Comparing an IBC Policy to a 401-k Plan

Since 401-k plans are the most common option for Americans to accumulate funds for retirement, I would like to compare them to an IBC policy on four key elements. A)   Taking a loan. When you take a loan from a 401-k plan, it involves liquidating assets from your plan and therefore, you will immediately stop … Read more

Blog #8 – Why Dave Ramsey Is Wrong About Whole Life Insurance

By: Dr. Robert P. Murphy   Radio talk show host Dave Ramsey has made a national name for himself guiding people out of debt. I occasionally listen to his show (Ramsey and I both live in Nashville), and I applaud much of what he tells his listeners. In particular, Ramsey stresses the importance of having a … Read more

Blog #7 – Guaranteed Access To Credit Through Your Banking Policy

As we all know, capital purchases are unavoidable expenses and we define capital purchases as those that we cannot accommodate through our weekly or monthly cash flow. A typical capital purchase may be a car, a college education, a wedding, or an exotic vacation.One of the greatest living benefits of a properly-designed IBC or banking … Read more

Blog #6 – Tax-Free Retirement Income

A traditionally-designed whole life policy originally maximizes the death benefit that you obtain for a given premium while the cash value is originally very small or non-existent. This type of design is encouraged by most insurance agents and broker-dealers because it generates better commissions for them, but it doesn’t do much for you as a … Read more

Blog #5 – Money Velocity

By: L. Carlos Lara Becoming Your Own Banker, by author R. Nelson Nash is an extraordinary book. And yet, it’s not actually a book as much as it is a book-let. A mere one hundred and seven pages in its entirety, it dispenses wisdom and logic of a kind that only an individual who has … Read more

Blog #3 – Why IBC Works

By: Dr. Robert Murphy When people first hear about the advantages of the Infinite Banking Concept (IBC), a typical reaction is to say, “That’s too good to be true.”For example, the IBC agent might tell his or her client that in order to take out a loan against the cash values in a whole life … Read more

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