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April 2018 Lara-Murphy Report

On April 16, I debated the Cato Institute’s George Selgin on the resolution, “Fractional Reserve Banking poses a threat to the stability of market economies.” I was arguing for the resolution, while George was against. This is an area where even self described Austro-libertarian economists are hotly divided, and moreover fractional reserve banking plays a key role in the book I co-authored with Carlos Lara (How Privatized Banking Really Works). For these reasons, it’s worth summarizing my case in the present article.

Blog #42 – History And Characteristics Of Modified Endowment Contracts

Congress established a statutory definition of life insurance in 1984 in IRC Section 7702 that was a significant step in eliminating the favorable income tax treatment of investments disguised as life insurance. In 1988 Congress further tightened the tax rules that apply to life insurance. Under these rules governing the taxation of life insurance, any life insurance contract becomes a modified endowment contract (MEC)and is subject to less favorable income tax treatment if it fails to meet the 7-pay test.

April 2018 BankNotes

Several years ago, I was conducting an Infinite Banking Concept Seminar
in Western Colorado. The sponsor of the event assembled his audience and
said. “The Infinite Banking Concept is all about how you think. It’s all about
how you think. It’s about how you think!”—and then he introduced me. It
was such an effective—and truthful—way to start the seminar that I adopted
the phrase in all speaking events and it is expressed—or implied—in all
writing that I do.

Blog #41 – Getting Old In America

The Center for Disease Control calculates that overall life expectancy in the U.S. is presently 78.7 years, with women outliving men by an average of 5 years, or 81 years vs. 76 for men. (Longevity is one area where there is no gender equality.)

Blog #40 – Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Policy Loans

When you take a loan from your Infinite Banking policy, the money is lent to you by the insurance company and it comes from their general account. Your cash value remains in your policy and it continues to earn interest and dividends while collateralizing the amount of your loan.

Blog #39 – Alternative Investments Are Not Correlated To The Stock Market

“Your life does not get better by chance, it gets better by change.”  – Jim Rohn Investors have short-term memories and are reluctant to change, which is why so many cling to the stock market, even when it’s on a downward trend, or overdue for a correction. If you have lost confidence in the market or are simply looking for … Read more

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